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PowerPoint Presentation

In addition to getting access to our books at a steep discount, purchasers of the USCCA Firearms Instructor Toolkit also get access to our seven lesson PowerPoint presentation, paralleling the seven chapters of the book.  When your students hear it in class and see it in class, their retention will be at an all time high!


We have recently partnered with the United States Concealed Carry Association to bring all of our great instructor materials to firearms instructors across the U.S. as part of the USCCA Firearms Instructor Toolkit. The USCCA Firearms Toolkit contains the book Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals; our seven lesson PowerPoint presentation (now with more than 200 slides containing all of the great high resolution images from the book); 14 high-definition classroom videos (including the sample below); a high resolution classroom poster, and more!

For more information, please contact us at, or 651-210-1790.


Information for Instructors

Two-Page Spread from Book

Companion PowerPoint Slide


We’ve also made a number of our classroom posters available through the USCCA.  These posters will make a great addition to your classroom, and will help students to learn new things event when on break!

Videos Included in the USCCA Firearms Instructors Toolkit:

  1. -The “Reasonable Person Test”

  2. -Clearing a Semi-Automatic

  3. -Clearing a Revolver

  4. -The “Slap, Rack and Roll” Drill

  5. -Clearing a Level III Failure

  6. -The Weaver Stance

  7. -The Isosceles Stance

  8. -How to Stop Severe Bleeding

  9. -Talking with the Police

  10. -The Miranda Warning and Search and Seizure

  11. -Drawing from the Holster

  12. -The FBI Flashlight Hold

  13. -The Harries Flashlight Hold

  14. -The Surefire Flashlight Hold